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WilliamBlake.com was developed by Matthew A. Gilbert, the Managing Director of Generative Learning Group — a provider of organizational development, management training and instructional design services to entrepreneurial entities, corporations and educational institutions seeking information for work and knowledge for life.

WilliamBlake.com initially began as a personal journey but, since it's launch on November 28, 2000 (on what would have been Blake's 243rd birthday), the site has evolved into a larger effort.

Certainly, as an American born on Boston, raised near San Francisco and living in Southern California, there isn't an obvious reason why Gilbert created this website. Gilbert began to seriously study Blake as an undergraduate at the University of California at Santa Barbara where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (and election to Phi Beta Kappa).

It was during this initial encounter that Gilbert began to understand the emotional impact and timeless truth of Blake's works. They remain a source of personal inspiration to Gilbert. Since first discovering Blake, he has continued to study independently.

Gilbert has since earned a Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA) at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. In conjunction with his graduate studies, Gilbert has presented several papers at academic conferences throughout the United States and has been teaching as an adjunct instructor since 2014.

Beyond Gilbert's personal knowledge of William Blake, a great deal of information, insight and inspiration for WilliamBlake.com was found on many other William Blake websites. You will find an index of these sites (plus many more) in the Links page. A special thanks is due to all of the dedicated William Blake enthusiasts who have shared their energy about this special man.

While admittedly not an expert on Blake (or romantic poetry for that matter) expert, Gilbert hopes this site serves as a fitting tribute to a man who has provided him with countless hours of inspiration. Please send any comments, content or corrections to WilliamBlake@generative.com.



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