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The Spiritual Visions of a Sacred Soul: Blake's Artwork
Matthew A. Gilbert, Webmaster

In addition to the rich visual language Blake used in his Poetry and Prose, he also expressed himself artistically. According to Richard Record on the William Blake Page:

"As an artist Blake broke the ground that would later be cultivated by the Pre-Raphaelites. His work is for the most part done on a very small scale. His illuminated works and engravings are all only inches in size, yet they are meticulous in detail. And each of them is, in a sense, merely a part of a titanic whole."

Through his artwork, Blake communicated his deeply spiritual visions and intensely original interpretations of the world in which he lived. His works have also inspired and influenced countless others to make their own art — both visual and musical.

Please explore the pages within this section of the website. We offer a complete alphabetical index of his Engravings, Illustrations and Paintings and the Music inspired by his artistry. Where applicable, click on the title of a piece for the image — which might, depending on the piece, lead you to another website. Items for which we do not yet have a source for the image will not have a link.


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